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Be More Chill - West End
September, 2021 (1) - hadesishere

LOCATION: Shaftesbury Theatre
Scott Folan (Jeremy Heere), Gabriel Hinchliffe (u/s Michael Mell), Miracle Chance (Christine Canigula), Stewart Clarke (The SQUIP), Eloise Davies (Brooke Lohst), Grace Mouat (Chloe Valentine), Natalia Ong (Jenna Rolan), Miles Paloma (Jake Dillinger), James Hameed (Rich Goranski), Christopher Fry (Mr. Heere/Mr. Reyes/Scary Stockboy)
Decent HD capture of Gabriel as Michael. Filmed during the last week of performances, with a mix of wides, mediums and closeups. Act 1 is filmed blind until 'More Than Survive (Reprise)' and very obstructed during that time, but is fully aimed and mostly unobstructed from that point onwards. It's far from perfect - there's a fair amount of wandering at points, and some washout on the wide shots - but altogether it's not too bad. Video includes the curtain call.
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1920x1080 mts, 15.13gb / 1920x1080 mp4, 4.74gb
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