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Audrey Brisson (Amélie Poulain), Chris Jared (Nino Quincampoix), Johnson Willis (Raymond Dufayel / Collignon), Jez Unwin (Raphaël Poulain / Bretodeau), Rachel Dawson (Amandine Poulain / Philomene), Kate Robson-Stuart (Suzanne), Sioned Saunders (Gina), Flora Spencer-Longhurst (Georgette / Sylvie / Collignon's Mother), Caolan McCarthy (Hipolito / Suicidal Tourist / Elton John), Oliver Grant (Lucien / Mysterious Man), Samuel Morgan-Grahame (Fluffy / Collignon's Father), Jack Quarton (Blind Beggar), Matthew James Hinchliffe (Raymond), Robyn Sinclair (Cecile), Miiya Alexandra (Delphine), Nuwan Hugh Perera (Jean-Yves)
Portrait stage shot filmed from my phone. The very front of the stage gets a little cut off by the barrier, and there are a few minutes where it s cut off more where I am shifting around but for the most part, the majority of the whole stage can be seen. There is one person who blocks the side of the stage but the amount varies as she leans forward and back. Very minimal spotlight washout. You can see my hands when I clap sometimes, but this obviously is not when the action is happening. Includes bows. Overall good capture of the show, and the first known video of the West End transfer.
Do not list with full date. NEVER post this anywhere, and especially NEVER post clips on social media and tag any of the cast in it. I will cease trading all of my masters if any of them get leaked. NFT FOREVER.

NFT Forever
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