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Six - Second UK Tour
August 6, 2021 - KamTrades
Matinée Highlights only
LOCATION: Brighton
Lauren Drew (Catherine of Aragon), Maddison Bulleyment (Anne Boleyn), Harriet Watson (Jane Seymour), Shekinah McFarlane (Anna of Cleves), Vicki Manser (Katherine Howard), Jennifer Caldwell (alt Catherine Parr)
For this show I was just mainly sitting back to enjoy the show for once. However when Jen started her IDNYL monologue I had to start recording. The last time I saw it, I wished I video recoded it. I just filmed IDNYL and the reprise. (2 Separate clips as I did not record the talking bit.) View was from the back of the stalls in the Brighton theatre from the left side.
(Kind of wish I recorded the whole show but I am happy with what I did record here)

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