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Be More Chill - West End
July, 2021 - sandrabanana

LOCATION: Shaftesbury Theatre
Gabriel Hinchliffe (u/s Jeremy Heere), Blake Patrick Anderson (Michael Mell), Miracle Chance (Christine Canigula), Stewart Clarke (The SQUIP), Eve Norris (u/s Brooke Lohst), Millie O'Connell (Chloe Valentine), Renée Lamb (Jenna Rolan), Miles Paloma (Jake Dillinger), James Hameed (Rich Goranski), Christopher Fry (Mr. Heere/Mr. Reyes/Scary Stockboy)
gabriel's jeremy debut and his west end debut. video wanders a it but it's overall much better than the other palace capture. one head obstructs the centre spot of the stage where some action takes place, shown in screencaps. 4k files can be included if wanted.
[1080p] 1.mp4 - 4.31GB | 2.mp4 - 4.25GB -- [4K] 1.MP4 - 28.2GB | 2.MP4 - 22.9GB
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