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Elisabeth - Third European Tour
March, 2015 - forcuepeek
Roberta Valentini (Kaiserin Elisabeth), Mark Seibert (Der Tod), Michael Souschek (alt Luigi Lucheni), Maximilian Mann (Kaiser Franz Joseph), Angelika Wedekind (Erzherzogin Sophie), Fredrik Andersson (alt Erzherzog Rudolf (adult)), Caroline Sommer (Herzogin Ludovika/Frau Wolf), Dennis Kozeluh (Herzog Max in Bayern), Paul Elias Marxer (Erzherzog Rudolf (kind))
Full show in amazing quality. I had to film around one annoying head of the woman in front of me, but did as good as possible. Otherwise no obstructions and clear picture and sound. Some short black-outs in the beginning due to latecomers (as always). First show for Fredrik Andersson as Rudolf. Sometimes labeled March 7, 2015.
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