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Amélie - West End
July 16, 2021 - Unknown
Robyn Sinclair (u/s Amélie Poulain), Nuwan Hugh Perera (u/s Nino Quincampoix), Johnson Willis (Raymond Dufayel / Collignon), Jez Unwin (Raphaël Poulain / Bretodeau), Rachel Dawson (Amandine Poulain / Philomene), Kate Robson-Stuart (Suzanne), Sioned Saunders (Gina), Flora Spencer-Longhurst (Georgette / Sylvie / Collignon's Mother), Caolan McCarthy (Hipolito / Collignon's Father / Elton John), Oliver Grant (Lucien / Mysterious Man), Samuel Morgan-Grahame (Joseph / Fluffy / Suicidal Tourist), Jack Quarton (Blind Beggar), Miiya Alexandra (Delphine), Matthew James Hinchliffe (Raymond)
Robyn and Nuwan make their Amélie and Nino debuts respectively. They're usually part of the onstage ensemble/orchestra so not hugely noticeable but the music will be missing their usual parts.