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Jordan Shaw, Aimie Atkinson, Sophie Isaacs, Bradley Jaden, Ria Jones, Josh Piterman, Linzi Hateley, Trevor Dion Nicholas
Jordan Shaw (The Scottsboro Boys) singing "Transylvania Mania" from Young Frankenstein

Aimie Atkinson (Pretty Woman/Six) singing "Dead Mom" from Beetlejuice

Sophie Isaacs (Six) & Bradley Jaden (Les Miserables) singing "Life After Life" from Dracula The Musical

Ria Jones (Gypsy) singing "Last Midnight" from Into The Woods

Josh Piterman (Phantom of the Opera) singing "Confrontation" from Jekyll & Hyde

Linzi Hateley (Blood Brothers) singing "When There's No One" from Carrie

Trevor Dion Nicholas (Hamilton) singing "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Show
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