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Carrie Hope Fletcher (Cinderella), Ivano Turco (Prince Sebastian), Rebecca Trehearn (The Queen), Victoria Hamilton-Barritt (The Stepmother), Georgina Castle (Marie), Laura Baldwin (Adele), Gloria Onitiri (The Godmother), Caleb Roberts (Prince Charming), Sam Robinson (Dorian), Giovanni Spano (Gawain), Vinny Coyle (Arthur), Michael Afemaré, Lauren Byrne, Michelle Bishop, Sophie Camble, Tobias Charles, Nicole Deon, Jonathan David Dudley, Michael Hamway, James Lee Harris, Katie Ivory Jordan, Jessica Kirton, Kelsie-Rae Marshall, Georgia Onuorah, Georgia Tapp, Matthieu Vinetot, Alexandra Waite Roberts, Rodney Vubya
first video of andrew lloyd webber's cinderella taken during the first week of previews. recorded from the side with no obstructions and the revolving stage and seats are shown clearly. there is one mishap in act 1 where the sheet doesn't come off the statue. no swings were on to the best of my knowledge. original 4k files can be included if wanted.
SCREENSHOTS NOT PERMITTED: contact master for info/screenshots.

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