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William Nickles (Galileo), Lauren McCombs (Scaramouche) Tamika Tyan (Killer Queen), Jason Cooper (Khashoggi), Myranda Thomas (Oz) Landon Sholar (Brit), Adam Byrd (Buddy), Shelby Brown, Corie Caudill, Olivia Duff, Scott Goodman, Hannah Lechleiter, Charlie Meredith, Julie Riehm McGuffey, Aaron Roitman, Remy Sisk, Hannah Thomas
After over a year of not producing any mainstage theatre, Acting Against Cancer is back and ready to rock! With safety still the top priority for all, this will be a virtual musical, but it's no sit-and-sing on Zoom! This is a full on production with wild effects, catchy choreography and above all, some killer music!

“We Will Rock You” is a futuristic musical set to the songs of the legendary band Queen. Apropos to 2021, the show depicts a dystopian world where life is lived online and the world is controlled by a social media technology corporation. It's up to a small band of bohemians to rise up against the Killer Queen and restore music and culture to the world!

Set to such iconic songs as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Are the Champions,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Radio Ga Ga” and more, “We Will Rock You is an outrageous good time that helps serve as a reminder to enjoy life in the real world.