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Heathers: The Musical - First West End Revival
June, 2021 - bestofallpossibletrades
Highlights only
LOCATION: Theatre Royal Haymarket
Christina Bennington (Veronica), Jordan Luke Gage (Jason Dean), Jodie Steele (Heather Chandler), Bobbie Little (Heather Duke), Frances Mayli McCann (Heather McNamara), Madison Swan (Martha Dunnstock), Ross Harmon (Kurt Kelly), Joaquin Pedro Valdes (Ram Sweeney)
Highlights includes Beautiful, Candy Store, Freeze Your Brain, Dead Girl Walking, The Me Inside of Me, Our Love is God, Meant to Be Yours through to I am Damaged.
Blind filming throughout and some spotlight washout. This was a video to test this camera and the conclusion is it's not great! camera sometimes wanders upwards and leaves the bottom of the stage obstructed. Freeze Your Brain is mostly out of focus but I though I would include it anyway! Candy Store, Our Love is God and Meant to be Yours are quite good steady captures. the cast and atmosphere are exceptional. Run time about 45mins
Format: MP4 and MOV Files. 8.87 GB

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