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Everybody's Talking About Jamie - West End
May, 2021 - sandrabanana

LOCATION: Apollo Theatre
Noah Thomas (Jamie New), Melissa Jacques (Margaret New), Shane Ritchie (Hugo/Loco Chanelle), Sejal Keshwala (Ray), Gillian Ford (Miss Hedge), Hiba Elchikhe (Pritti Pasha), Marlon G. Day (Jamie's Dad), David O'Reilly (Laika Virgin), James Gillan (Tray Sophisticay), Garry Lee (Sandra Bollock), Jordan Ricketts (Dean Paxton), Rachel Sierian (Fatimah), Keenan Knight (Sayid), Alexander Archer (Mickey), Emily Kenwright Vicki), Harriet Payne (Bex), Zion Battles (Levi), Zahra Jones (Becca), Adam Taylor (Cy)
Contains 1080p [4.6GB] and 4K [57GB] releases | Phenomenal cast. This show is now very different from the version in the 2018 proshot. Lots of COVID-19 references have been added as well as line changes and staging changes. The shot is slightly slanted at times and the top of one audience head can be seen but nothing is missed. SCREENSHOTS NOT PERMITTED. Contact master for screenshots and info
[1080p] Act 1.mp4 - 2.65GB | Act 2.mp4 - 1.91GB | [4K] - Act 1.mp4 - 32.5GB | Act 2.mp4 - 24.5GB
Previous NFT Date: September 1, 2021