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Groundhog Day - Broadway
April 1, 2017 - SunsetBlvd79
LOCATION: August Wilson Theatre, NYC
Andy Karl (Phil Connors), Barrett Doss (Rita Hanson), Rebecca Faulkenberry (Nancy), John Sanders (Ned Ryerson), Raymond J. Lee (Ralph), Andrew Call (Gus), Josh Lamon (Buster), Gerard Canonico (Fred), Heather Ayers (Mrs. Lancaster), William Parry (Jenson), Michael Fatica (Chubby Man), Travis Waldschmidt (Jeff), Joseph Medeiros (Deputy), Taylor Iman Jones (Lady Storm Chaser), Rheaume Crenshaw (Doris), Sean Montgomery (Sheriff), Jenna Rubaii (Joelle), Tari Kelly (Piano Teacher), Vishal Vaidya (Larry), Katy Geraghty (Debbie)
Excellent HD capture of the new musical based on the movie. Such an amazing set and Andy gives a terrific performance. The set malfunctioned once and they had to pause and restart the song.
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