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Cabaret - Third Broadway Revival
November 20, 2014 - SunsetBlvd79

LOCATION: Studio 54, NYC
Alan Cumming (Emcee), Emma Stone (Sally Bowles), Kristie Dale Sanders (s/b Fräulein Schneider), Philip Hoffman (s/b Herr Schultz), Bill Heck (Clifford Bradshaw), Aaron Krohn (Ernst Ludwig), Gayle Rankin (Fräulein Kost), Katrina Yaukey (u/s Lulu/Two Ladies Dancer), Benjamin Eakeley (Herman/Customs Officer/Max), Andrea Goss (Frenchie/Gorilla), Leeds Hill (Bobby/Two Ladies Dancer), Kristin Olness (Helga), Jessica Pariseau (Texas), Dylan Paul (Victor), Stacey Sipowicz (Rosie), Evan D Siegel (Hans/Rudy)
Excellent HD capture with Emma joining the cast as Sally. She does a dazzling job in the role and very precise in detail. Lovely performances from Kristie and Philip. A
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