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Death Drop - West End
June 10, 2021 - TroubledMind

LOCATION: West End (Garrick Theatre)
Willam Belli (Shazza), Latrice Royale (Summer Raines), Don One (Phil Maker), LoUis CYfer (Rich Whiteman), Holly Stars (Blue Bottomley, Brie Bottomley, Spread Bottomley), Anna Phylactic (Morgan Pierce), Myra Dubois (Lady Von Fistenburg), Apple Derrieres (Swing)
This is a fantastic murder mystery dubbed "Dragatha Christie" and has the entire audience in hysterics. It's fun, camp, and entertaining the whole way though. VERY good quality Audio, dialogue is very clear without distortion. Comes with program PDF.
Untracked WAV - Act 1: 1.1GB - Act 2: 1.2GB
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